Bug be gone! (please…)

After a lot of investigating and trying to reproduce a mayor bug in the game, we hope we have finally fixed it!

It seems that occassionally the game was giving extra turns to online players even if they had not completed a square. This was frustrating for both players (people getting falsely accused of cheating and others seeing their tactics ruined by an unexpected extra turn).

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to reproduce the bug consistently, so it was very hard to fix. We now have made some changes which make us pretty sure the bug has been killed. Once Amazon has review the update we will disable all older versions, so that everyone will be playing bugless.

Have fun playing!


We would like to notify you…

… about our latest update in Google Market: version 3.1.0

And about the little surprise we announced yesterday: we have added notifications to the game! From now on you will get a message whenever it’s your turn or when someone is talking to you. For this we use Google’s C2DM technologies, which unfortunately is only available for Android versions 2.2 and higher. Also it is not available for Amazon users, but we will solve that problem soon, too!

Square Wars is now faster, more battery efficient en uses less band width. To update directly from your Android device, follow one of these links:

Hope you like it!


Good news & bad news

Well, Amazon has approved both Square Wars 3.0.1 and Square Wars Ad Free 3.0.1 for the Amazon Appstore, but… not yet for Kindle Fire, which is the device most of our players are using.

Turns out that Amazon has a seperate approval procedure for Kindle Fire, which takes a little more time. So we’d like to welcome everyone coming from the Amazon Appstore, but we are still waiting for a lot of Fire People to go online!

Square Wars 3.0.1 now available

While we are still waiting for the first update to get approved in the Amazon Appstore we have already released the next one today in the Google Market:

* We fixed a little bug that made the app crash very occasionally
* We fixed a little bug in the chat: if all is well, you can now write any character in any  language imaginable
* We changed the way the rankings are diplayed: from now on you will see “nr. 100+” instead of “nr. 101″, ”nr. 500+” instead of “nr. 621″, “nr. 1000+” instead of “nr. 1305″, …… you get the point.


Many is the average

Amazon is still reviewing the update, so at this moment we have a bit less users than expected. That’s why we have decided to temporarily merge the two board sizes “average” and “many”. This way it’s much easier (and faster!) for us to match up two players for a game of Square Wars.

Release of Square Wars v3.0.0

Yes! we have finally submitted Square Wars 3.0.0, featuring online player mode! Challenge your friends and random opponents to play an online game of Square Wars. Play up to 10 games simultaneously. Search your friends or let us find an opponent for you. You can even chat with them if you like!

Off course you can still play an offline game too: in casual mode, with up to 4 friends or against the clock.

In Google Market version 3.0.0 is already available. For the Amazon Appstore we have to wait for the update to be reviewed and accepted first.

Have fun and please let us know how you like it!