Mama Dodo

Square Wars was created by a little company in the Netherlands, called Mama Dodo. This is our company home page:

5 thoughts on “Mama Dodo

  1. Nice game! I have a question however, why can’t i download it on some devices like my Samsung Galaxy Txt (b5510)? Could you make it available for it?

  2. It’s frustrating when someone signs up to play you, and then abandons the game, but you cannot close it out because it is either your turn, or you have to resign and lose 20 points. Why do you allow 24 hours for someone to start playing… I would think 5 minutes should be sufficient! Thanks.

  3. I love the game but there is one feature missing that we all need, an exit. In order for me to end game play I have to turn my android of then back on which is really a pain.

    Thank you for the game and your time.

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