We would like to notify you…

… about our latest update in Google Market: version 3.1.0

And about the little surprise we announced yesterday: we have added notifications to the game! From now on you will get a message whenever it’s your turn or when someone is talking to you. For this we use Google’s C2DM technologies, which unfortunately is only available for Android versions 2.2 and higher. Also it is not available for Amazon users, but we will solve that problem soon, too!

Square Wars is now faster, more battery efficient en uses less band width. To update directly from your Android device, follow one of these links:

Hope you like it!


11 thoughts on “We would like to notify you…

  1. Very nice! Maybe for the next update the possibility to see how many games your opponent has played, won, lost and tied. And maybe a larger ranking view? This could make it more fun in the time you have to wait.

      • Some idea’s:
        1) The matchmaking system tries to match players with equal ranks (I don’t know if it already tries to do that, but I (ranked ~15) get matched against 1000+ ranked players most of the time). It’s not that fun to play against someone who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

        2) Implement something like the the ELO ranking system (there’s an article about it on Wikipedia). I don’t know how to difficult it is to implement something like that. But there are two problems with the current ranking systems that should be changed:
        - players get the same amount of points when they win from a 1000+ ranked player who plays the game for the first time or when he beats a top player who knows how to plan ahead and acts accordingly. It’s difficult for new players to bridge the gap this way.
        - the amount of points you win or lose is based on the how many squares the winner got. So winning 7-5 on small nets 7 points (difference of 14 points between both players), but winning 11-9 on medium nets 11 points (diff. of 22 points between both players)… This feels unbalanced to me, because it’s not THAT harder to win on a bigger board. It’s all about the middle and endgame anyway.

  2. I don’t get any notification any more. I restarted my mobile, but that wouldn’t help. I don’t if anyone else has the same problem?

  3. I have the same problem. It works sometimes….. Also after playing a little the sound function of the game and my phone dissapears and works again when i powercycle my phone. Please fix….ive missed important calls because of this. Htc evo 3d by sprint.

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